Mini-Split Installation

Tucson Mini Splits | Marana mini splts | Tucson Mini Split installationDuctless mini-splits are becoming more than just an alternative heating and cooling solution in Tucson, AZ. Mini-splits are gaining in popularity as a choice for those who want more control over indoor comfort in their Tucson Home. Proper installation of a ductless mini-split system is a priority for your system to work properly.

Below are 2 things you need to remember when installing a ductless mini-split system in your Tucson home:

Mini-Split Unit Location

The wall-mounted mini-splits are designed for mounting high on the wall with a minimum of approximately six feet from the floor. The way they work is by air coming in via the top and front of the unit and is supplied via the “discharge vane” along the bottom of the unit.
Because the air is designed to circulate to and from the unit, be sure to avoid putting any obstacles that would disrupt airflow in front of the unit – a minimum of 15 to 20 feet away from the unit is recommended. Otherwise, the flow of air will be impeded and the temperature sensing of the return may not be accurate.

Mini-Split Filter Cleaning

Mini-splits often feature a triple filtration, including additional deodorizing and electrostatic filters. Make sure that you regularly replace the unit filters (every six to eight weeks, depending on the application), together with washing the permanent filters in the unit.

This simple maintenance act will keep the conditioned air clean and free of odors and contaminants, in addition to ensuring the correct airflow for unit operation.

The more you know about the benefits a ductless system can provide, the sooner you can provide better comfort to family members and guests in your home. Contact Us today to discuss mini-split installation

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