Tucson AC Installation

Nothing Lasts Forever
Especially your Tucson Air Conditioner

Accurate Air Control | Air Conditioning & Heating Installation and repairA good rule of thumb is that your cooling system will last about 15-20 years – especially Air Conditioning Systems here in Tucson, AZ. Once it hits that age you should consider replacing it, even though it might still run and blow cold air. Installing a new high efficiency air conditioning system could cut your electric bill up to 60% when compared to the cost of running your old system. With a savings like that, along with all the federal tax credits, and factory and utility rebates that are offered frequently, it simply doesn’t make sense to keep using it.

Before selecting or choosing a Tucson air conditioning installation contractor to work with, it is always a good idea to first familiarize yourself with some of the basic terminology. For instance: more than likely you will be installing or upgrading either conventional forced air systems or high velocity air conditioning systems. In addition you should also have an idea of the particulars of the job: floor space, special aspects of the project such as additional or attached buildings, multiple floor levels or even special areas such as sunrooms or covered decks that are to be included in the areas you desire to be air conditioned. Additionally, it is important to know your budget before hand and what options you can do with and without.

Accurate Air Control is a certified HVAC contractor in Tucson, AZ that specializes in AC Installation and repair. Contact Accurate Air Control today to discuss your Tucson Air Conditioning Installation needs.

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